Milan vs. Lazio 4/13/19
Journalists and Lazio (bitch)players making too big of a deal of this Acerbi jersey thing! They are calling it a "war trophy", "spreading hatred", blah blah.
Give me a break. It's just some funny banter. Smile and take it like a man. Maybe you win next time and it'll be your turn to laugh. Is it childish? Yea, maybe. But not a big deal. It's definitely not "spreading hatred".

Lazio and Fiorentina are the biggest bitch clubs in Italy. Always complaining and "crying" about something.

Tare after the game saying that Musacchio made the most out of a slight touch. You kidding me??? That was one of the clearest penalties of the season. You can't barge into a player while getting nowhere near the ball. He also wanted a Pk for RR's challenge on SMS, but RR clearly got the ball. Yes, he clipped SMS's leg on the follow through, but got the ball first amd the contact was minimal. No chance in hell will that ever be given as a Pk....unless you are Juventus.

As for the game itself....we didn't play great. It was slow, predictable, without many chances. We escaped a few times after making some defensive mistakes, but at the end, we did well enough to win. The change to 352 (3421 actually is what it more looked like as Hakan played a bit ahead of Kessie-Yoko while Suso was roaming around the CF) worked well and it gave Lazio trouble. We looked to be in control for long periods and I was actually surprised and how well we controlled midfield and therefire the tempo. The problem? The tempo (controlled by us) was way too slow. It allowed Lazio to set up defensively and defend with ease mostly.

Hopefully this will give us confidence and we can go on another 3-4 game winning streak.
3-6(?)-1 was a pretty interesting formation. It allowed to finally spread the field and look dangerous.

We are lucky to get full points. Lazio with a few really good chances that were wasted. Reina may turn out tone one of our best pick ups after all this season. 

Lastly, I hope Romagnoli is ok. Didn't see his injury in the corner scuffle but I'm not sure he has had a rest this season. It was bound to happen.
Yes, winning is fine. But i personally didn't know why bakayoko kessie did the "trophy parade"

It's probably just me, but you already won. No need to throw salt on the wound

Never liked the trash talk mentality like this. In the heat of moment, yes. But parading the shirt, they should be the classy big men to represent the club.

I miss the time when players, coach command respect like SAF, Maldini, puyol

But then again, if acerbi started it, even though he's "nesta" heir in galliani's era, then go for it, throw some pig head if it's not enoughSagrin
We didnt play well, but the pts count now. I dont care if we play shit but win
CL quali is of immemse importance for the club.
Quote:Now the FIGC is taking another look at the Kessie - Bakayoko "incident" where they held up Acerbi's kit mockingly and might give out some sort of suspension. What an absolute farce this has become.

Even though it was lacking in class isn't this the type of stuff that creates rivalries we can't get enough of? Look at the drama it has sparked up. I know that in 2019 we all have to feel outraged about everything all the time but come on now.

Give me more "bad guys" and villains in sports. I don't want everyone acting like a robot. Cristiano Ronaldo's celebration vs. Atleti? Loved it. Diego Simeone's reaction vs. Juve? Loved it. It's drama. It's controversial. It creates rivalries and it makes for great entertainment

Baka is true Rossoneri by heart Sagrin

What a jerk this urbano cairo. still angry we didnt pay 100m for Belotti, you sucker
Milan defended Kessie & Bakayoko
Main thing was to get the win. That is what we did so i am happy. I do not know what all the fighting at the end was about. Nice to see the boss keeping everybody chilled.
kessie&bakayoko taking the risk of getting suspension imo, unneeded. less professional in my view.