Milan vs. Bologna 5/6/19
(05-07-2019, 07:07 PM)artand Wrote: If Borini keeps playing like last night, than we qualify for the CL. Add Abate to this

Borini does great as a sub but don't know what happens when he starts
You fear because you live without Love Pioli
Yoko has been one of our best players in recent months & yes Gattuso hasn't been the best coach in recent months. However, Gattuso is a Milan legend - and even if he wasn't, you do not disrespect a coach like that let alone at a club like Milan. Lost all respect for Bakayoko. Maybe the racism bothered him as well, but as a pro you need to expect those things even if they are completely uncalled for and disgusting.

There really is no excuse for Bakayoko's actions. It's highly likely that they'll both be gone, but Gattuso for his playing days will always be a respected figure to this club. Bakayoko for all I care can do exactly what he said to Gattuso.

My best case scenario for this season is that we qualify for CL, and still let Gattuso go as respectfully as possible even if it requires a good severance package lol. We really need to stop hiring former players that have a special place in our hearts, especially when they're lacking experience as coaches.
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