UEFA Champions League 2022-2023
Current pots

Real Madrid CC: 124.000
Eintracht Frankfurt CC: 61.000
Manchester City CC: 134.000
Milan CC: 38.000
Bayern Munich CC: 138.000
PSG CC: 112.000
Porto CC: 80.000
Ajax CC: 82.500

Liverpool CC: 134.000
Chelsea CC: 123.000
Barcelona CC: 114.000
Juventus CC: 107.000
Atletico CC: 105.000
Sevilla CC: 91.000
RB Leipzig CC: 83.000
Tottenham CC: 83.000

Borussia Dortmund CC: 78.000
Red Bull Salzburg CC: 71.000
Shakhtar Donetsk CC: 71.000
Inter CC: 67.000
Napoli CC: 66.000
Sporting CC: 55.500
Bayer Leverkusen CC: 53.000

Club Brugge CC: 38.500
Celtic CC: 33.000
Look at those coefficients. Big Grin

Hopefully a better group than last year. At the very least, we should be able to gain 6 points from the pot 4 team. We'll see how the draw treats us, but I think this year we are ready to advance no matter what.
im hoping we can get through the group stages this time
i hope we meet barca

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(08-25-2022, 05:39 PM)sylrus Wrote: i hope we meet barca

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Got Chelsea instead  Devilol
3rd for us is Salzburg
(08-25-2022, 05:44 PM)Aficio Wrote: Got Chelsea instead  Devilol

Chelsea looks like a shit show in the making this year, so this is a good draw. Now Chelsea also has more reason to give us 150m for Leao lol
Chelsea, FC Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb for us. Good draw
Yup, we should advance to next round.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Easy. Really happy with this. If we can't advance from this group, than it's time to realize that Serie A level is terrible. If the Italian champion doesn't advance from a group thay contains Austrain and Croatian opposition.....than...yah

No disrespect to Dinamo and Salzburg. They are good teams that have consistently participated in these competitions and played against some of Europe's top teams and have done well. But, I really don't think there should be a question of who is going to advance from this group.

Now Chelsea....I had a feeling we were going to get an EPL team and I'm glad we did. Chelsea is nothing we can't handle. I can see us splitting a win each with them.

Best part is that I believe due to the fact we were a pot 1 team, we'll play the 1st game against the pot 4 team at San Siro. No excuse in not starting off with 3 points.