Week 23: Monza - Milan February 18 2023 18:00CET
Expect another 3 at the back line up.

Monza are up to midtable, haven't lost a Serie A game in 2023!

Monza have top tier midfield with Pessina, Rovella and Sensi definitely among top 7/8 in the league with low tier attack and defence.
You fear because you live without Love Pioli
No time for mishaps. We need to keep building on what we've done this past week regaring defensive solidity. Stay compact in the back and slowly grow in confidence going forward with each game. I think we can slowly adjust the defensive line up a bit higher, especially with Tomori's speed as the safety net out of the 3 CBs.

I hope to see some changes, such as Origi getting a start instead of Giroud and maybe even CDK instead of Diaz from the 1st minute. I think this new formation suits CDK a bit more as he won't be an outright ACM/SS, but rather a right sided attacking mid.

Gazzetta has the following as expected line up:
Kalulu, Tomori, Thiaw
Messias, Tonali, Krunic, Theo
Diaz, Origi, Leao
monza is a really good squad, kudos to gali for building that team, they even spent more wisely than us
Berlusconi says that he is hoping for a draw. Big Grin
aka xudong
I guess CDK will score this time.
CDK will score but has to be give a chance by Pioli. I hope he starts and gets at least 75mins. Lately he is getting a few mins here and there, its hard to score a goal that way.
And not only today but good minutes in a decent amount of games.

And not like his last start were we played bad but he gets subbed at half time. Like he was the problem for our bad performance. I’m a fan of Pioli but that was a pathetic action from him
I would play CDK ahead of Diaz and Krunic in any position eight days a week.
Come on! If we win we're only 18 points behind Napoli. Devilcool