Week 26: Milan - Salernitana March 13 2023 20:45CET
(03-13-2023, 11:30 PM)honsano Wrote: Can someone explain to me why the ref overturned the PK? What was the clear and obvious error as there looked to be contact.

Also I’m fairly certain Juve will do something only they can do to get out of their point deductions. I’d just add 17pts (2more for good measure as the FIGC will probably apologize) to their total. It’s top three or bust.


I don't understand that penalty decision either. There was contact, as soft as that may be. You don't just take it away--or, you should book Bennacer for diving. I wonder if an explanation would ever be offered. 

I was convinced that the decision would stand, especially after the penalty was not given on the foul on Theo. Let's be honest, that was kind of soft too but it was a shove from the back, not shoulder-to-shoulder, so a penalty could have been called. I thought that for sure those two incidents would lead to one penalty. What the actual fuck.

It seems that my opinion isn't alone.

aka xudong
it is a clear penalty 100%
(03-14-2023, 02:41 AM)Demonbanana Wrote: I looked him up out of curiosity: 0 goals in 2 months. 

Yet  he wants 7.5M....wonder if any big club still wants him or we missed yet another chance to cash in?

Never rated him highly. People have read my posts we should have cashed out in the summer but what do I know I rate rebic a better fit for our team.  

Grab your chair and get comfortable,  we're waiting another decade before a championship probably.