Week 32: Roma - Milan April 29 2023 18:00CET
Frustrating game so far. We lack the tempo to break down Roma. Everything is safe and slow. It almost seems like we'd be good with a 0-0. I do think something will break down in Roma's defense though and we'll score. But we need to force the issue a but more. Live Giroud, but zero reason he should be starting for Milan at this point in his career. We lack runs in behind. We lack the imagination amd execution at the tip of our attack. But so far so good. It is more important not to lose here today. Although a win will go a long way.
Roma seem to have a big problem with fitness, many players falling and lying
(04-29-2023, 05:52 PM)honsano Wrote: Boring half. Not sure either team had a shot on target. Krunic with some mistakes and Leao looking disinterested.

The fear of losing is greater than the will to win. For both teams it seems.
We are definitely being careful with slow build up and controlling the tempo. However we aren’t getting our quality players on the ball out wide and deep. Brahim and Leao are both picking up the ball in midfield. Pioli is trying to use Calabria and Theo to provid width, but Roma are shutting down the right so ultimately Calabria is forced into a more offensive role than he is capable of. We need Brahim to have the ball wide or Leao to dance around defenders. Really force that Roma defense out. Leao in midfield is a liability as his passing range is so short.
Thiaw for Tomori from the start of the 2nd half.
El Shaarawy for Belotti. Belotti still hasn't scored in Serie A for Roma...
Rest well, Tomori!!!

El Sha for Belotti. Each time I watch Belotti, he loses his gas too soon.
Milan has 64% possession in 1st half, and twice the number of passes.

Oh, Mou...
This is one of those games that gives you a reality check and reminds you of our limits. For example, shows why everyone is so hesitant to spend on Brahim.
Salad in for Diaz, our N.10 is less effective against small teams.