Week 36: Milan - Sampdoria May 20 2023 20:45CET
Playing already relegated team, what could possibly go wrong? Rr27

Getting negative vibes even from this match. Feel like we want might end with draw.
You fear because you live without Love Pioli
Calciomercato: Pioli was ‘so tense’ in his pre-match press conference today on the eve of the game against Sampdoria that it is perhaps the most on-edge he has appeared. He probably knows that these last three matches could be a watershed for his future and that of the club.
How did they measure this tension level? Big Grin

Anyway, no point in saying this, but I guess here it goes anyway...it's a must win for us. We need to stay close to the top 4 positions, and at the very least stay 5th with less than 9 points away from Juventus. Yes, that's what it's come down to I guess.....hoping that the fine gets reinstated (at least -9 points) on Monday.
(05-19-2023, 08:05 PM)Sleeping Giant Wrote: Getting negative vibes even from this match. Feel like we want might end with draw.
Came to post this
whether we qualify to ucl next season or not, atleast we need to fight for it, if i dont see any fighting spirit in this last 3 matches, i think someone's head will roll
I think we can win this match and Juve, but I'm not sure about the last one.
Pioli : “I don't agree that we haven't improved in the game compared to two years ago, and the start of last year's season. This year we lacked in the last quarter of the pitch, but we improved in keeping control of the match”

Oh dear.

Pioli still learned nothing same formation, same player's
..same result.
Pioli: “Samp are playing with great dignity and pride, they’re a difficult opponent. I’m not putting my hands up, but they’re playing good football and have little to lose. If they play with passion and pride, what should we do?”

He's given up and asking to be sacked but Broke Gerry too broke.