Week 22: Milan - Bologna January 27 2024 20:45CET
Likely same line up that has won last games.

In my opinion too much talk about Zirkzee doing well against us, instead of hoping he flops in this game.

I would be more interested in seeing us get the 3 pts instead of thinking of Zirkzee now
7 goals in Seria A and this Zirkzee is now Ibrahimovic? Flop tonight. Tnx
I think he's a bit overrated imo. He likes to roam around the striker and be the provider. Has a good first touch and good vision on the ball. But he is not the CF we need imo. We need a goalgetter. A true ruthless goal scorer. I don't see this guy as that.

Now watch him score tonight after i said that! Big Grin
Anyway, I couldn't care any less about how he plays or what he does as long as we hammer Bologna and take the 3 points.
He’s only 22yo, almost no striker is a true goalgetter and a real killer at that age. Finishing with calmness and being at the right position at the right time has a lot to do with confidence and experience, the reading of the game. Zlatan at that age also wasn’t a true goalscorer for example. He had all the other tools
If zirkzee could finish the season with almost 15 goals and 5 assist as a 22yo that would be a very good season, he can build on that. He’s a very talented player for sure.

But for tonight I dont really care about him, we can handle him. And even if he does score we have to make sure we outscore them! We need a win! Keep the pressure on juve and inter
Question, if Pioli played CDK like Jovic when he plays him with Giroud, do you think he would have been more successful at Milan. Or, was his first season purely psychological.

I’ve only seen Zirkzee a few times, but he plays similar to Giroud in that he facilitates the play. Not the tip of a spear like Inzaghi. His mobility would definitely be helpful as that would only open up more space for Pulisic and Leao. You can’t double team everyone. Also, don’t look at his goal tally so far. He plays for Bologna. You telling me Giroud would have this many goals there?
It was a psychological thing with CdK. He’s kinda shy, and was coming from a small belgian league, from a team were he has been almost his whole life, to a big team like ac Milan. + the enormous pricetag, and his transfer was a media circus.
Add to that we had a very bad season and Pioli did not believe in him, he didnt get the confidence from the coach, wich he needed.

He had a very bad season, no doubt. But he aint the first player with a bad season and he wont be the last. He is doing very well this season, and he’s only 22!
Official Milan XI (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Calabria, Kjaer, Gabbia, Hernandez; Reijnders, Adli; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Leao; Giroud.
That's a good lineup. Perhaps the best we have now. Some players (especially Reijnders) probably can use a (major) rest, but I don't blame Pioli on this one. I just hope that our game will go well and some key players don't have to run for full 90 minutes.
aka xudong
Zirkzee. 0-1. We need to wake up...