Milan to leave San Siro
Formal presentation to San Donato area given to its municipality
Quote:Milan Mayor Remains Hopeful Of Resurrecting San Siro Renovation Project: “It’s Still An Open Game”

By Michel Sakr
January 26, 2024 16:55

The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala remains vigorous in his attempts to revitalize the San Siro renovation project.

The stadium saga has been a major headache for both Inter Milan and AC Milan over the past few years.

The two rivals launched a shared project in 2019, aiming to demolish the current Giuseppe Meazza Stadium and build a modern one in its stead.

However, a wave of bureaucratic hurdles hindered their plans. The authorities eventually placed a constraint preventing the clubs from tearing down the current stadium due to its historical and cultural significance.

This prompted Milan and Inter to head in separate directions with each club planning to build its own new ground in different areas in the outskirts of Milano.

The Nerazzurri chose Rozzano to host their new home, while the Rossoneri opted for the San Donato region.

Nevertheless, Milano mayor Sala is still desperate to keep the two Serie A giants within the city walls.

The municipality of Milano is looking to work its way around the restriction imposed on the stadium. They came up with a new plan to renovate the San Siro and will be looking to convince the two clubs.

“I am convinced that it’s still an open game,” said Sala as reported by ANSA via FcInterNews.

“This is a very important step for the future of the stadium.”

The plan would reportedly cost 300 million euros. The Milano municipality should explain it in detail to Inter and Milan in an attempt to win their approval and avoid what would be a costly exodus for the city of Milano from economic and social perspectives.

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I wonder if either Inter or Milan would be naïve enough to sit down with him again.
aka xudong
A €300m plan to convince Milan (and Inter) to stay at San Siro proposed, basically a rework of San Siro with more capacity, modern devices, a theme park, etc.

Not really sure this makes sense at this point, especially at 300 million
Official: Milan buy San Donato land in step towards new stadium
(02-09-2024, 03:40 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: Official: Milan buy San Donato land in step towards new stadium

Milan need to have their own new identity.  Stadium and we need a lethal board to be a real threat to inter and juve. 

And we need a long term coach with vision. 
I can't stand watching this inter anymore
Does anybody knows (more or less) exact numbers between having and not having stadium? How much money it brings per year?
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.