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Independiente de Avellaneda
[Image: escudo-ac-milan-rf_6316.jpg]

[Image: independiente.png]

I come to establish a comparison between Independiente de Avellaneda and Milan.

Globally if we establish a comparison between football in South America and the European football undoubtedly the derby di Milano has similarity with di Avellaneda derby. Inter and Racing Club also have their similarities. For example they shared a Diego Milito

AC Milan won 7 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE opportunities
Independiente de Avellaneda won 7 times the COPA LIBERTADORES of AMERICA
[Image: 1345682-indovinello-se-dico-titanic-cosa...eu2xy0.jpg][Image: 10860996_635250259909003_5434796785352494530_o.jpg]

Both at home are the most winners of these competitions.

But not so in the context of local competition because in the case of Italy the most winning is Juventus Serie A with 30 times and AC Milan with 18. While in Argentina River Plate won 35 times the first division tournament while Independiente won 14 times

Another issue to consider is that both AC Milan and Independiente are known by the nickname of "devils".
[Image: milan-il-diavolo_sm.jpeg][Image: n_betis_varios-562031.jpg]

It is rare to see a player makes his entire career at the same club. This is another point in common between the two clubs. Paolo Maldini made his entire career at AC Milan in 902 games and Ricardo Bochini dressed red shirt entire career at Independiente playing 634 games.
[Image: paolo-maldini.jpg][Image: Bochini-2.jpg]

At present none of the two clubs is going through its best but certainly will always be recognized worldwide for its large international achievements.
Will always be king of cups

It is my humble opinion comparing both clubs just wanted to share that data as I have them very fond of both clubs. Hopefully friendly matches between Independiente and AC Milan as once proposed the Argentine Fernando Redondo who is a fan of Independiente are made

I beg your pardon if I generate discomfort with this issue I send greetings