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Conversation Between drucurl and Jim_UK
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  1. Jim_UK
    09-07-2008 17:33
    i'll have me some of that! 1 double shark burger please with a bottle of local beer!!
  2. drucurl
    09-07-2008 16:05
    there's something on our most famous beach called "Shark and Bake" (basically shark burgers) they're to die for
  3. Jim_UK
    09-07-2008 16:01
    probably not ... though i can drink more when there's food around, which sounds like a good excuse for a bbq on the beach!
  4. drucurl
    09-07-2008 14:30
    Surely you could drink them in 6's and 7's
  5. Jim_UK
    09-07-2008 14:13
    yes, there are some of us around If i keep drinking then i'll just throw up everytime and that's not something i want to do. I don't mind too much, just means it's less expensive for me
  6. drucurl
    09-07-2008 07:47
    An Englishman who can't drink ?
  7. Jim_UK
    09-07-2008 06:14
    haha .. thanks mate, though i'm not always cheerful, you should see me when i'm grumpy

    A dozen cold ones! No need for that many, i can't drink much ... so i'm quite cheap & quite easy

    but a trip to Trinidad sounds ideal
  8. drucurl
    08-07-2008 14:58
    thanks soo much jim you were always a cheerful guy if you come to Trinidad I'll buy you a dozen cold ones
  9. Jim_UK
    08-07-2008 14:30
    I'm sure it'll be a great year for you mate, as do all the people who wished you a happy birthday in your thread

    If things aren't going too well just come over here and we'll go & party with Gio in Italy somewhere!
  10. drucurl
    08-07-2008 14:08
    nothing...birthdays tend to be tragic for me.....the last one my stomach was acting up and I kinda shat myself.....this one I woke up stuck to the bed...know what I mean I hope life as a 26 year old won't be as $#!tty as the 25 year old version of least I've got a new car
    Thanks for asking

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