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Conversation Between Reza and shegs
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  1. Reza
    11-04-2010 15:43
    Hi, no problem.
    Whenever you want let me know and I will change your username
  2. shegs
    11-04-2010 15:33
    Hi Reza. Another question, (hpe i'm not bothering u too much!) If a time comes when i want to change my username - the 1157 part is looking more unneccessary every passing day- can i make such a change? if yes, how? thanks for your anticipated reply.
  3. shegs
    28-03-2010 11:28
    Thanks again.
  4. Reza
    27-03-2010 23:05
    Hi, about your questions

    -1st week of March 1999
    -Jan started the forum, he is not around anymore, he was first admin and mod of course
    -Debs is the oldest member still around, goose has been around since the first days and is somewhat active
  5. shegs
    27-03-2010 03:30
    more questions! If you can help, i'd be really happy. i just wanted to know:
    a) the exact day MM started.
    b) the first registered user, mod. and admin.
    c) the oldest member still active. thank you.
  6. shegs
    21-03-2010 16:02
    thanks, i appreciate the effort.
  7. Reza
    21-03-2010 09:09
    Hi, Debs is just not around as often as before. She is fine though.
  8. shegs
    21-03-2010 04:52
    hi. i was just wondering about debs. what happened to her? thank you.

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