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Conversation Between GeoTav and mzk57
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  1. mzk57
    03-10-2010 08:53
    Hey Geo
    Hope you doing good. I was just wondering, how do look for the MM Serie-A fantasy league standings. Just in case you go through the whole table of that website to find the MM members, then I have another way for you. You should save the profile links of each member with yourself & instead of searching the world wide table every weekend, just go to the profile of each member & note their points & then arrange the table. I guess it would be time saving and easier if you are not doing it in this way already
    Here are the links:

  2. GeoTav
    06-04-2010 05:20
    Well, if you count in years of school: wait a second ...
    3-4 years (depending on when your parents send you to school when you're still a very young child, almost a baby, the daughter of my brother started school at 3yo for example)
    + 5 years
    + 4 years
    + 3 years
    = 15-16 years to have the Baccalauréat. You generally get it when you're 18 or almost (I got it when I was 17 for example).

    So then, add 3 years for the Licence, yet 2 years to be officially Master graduated and then 3 years (and possibly more) if you want to be a doctor and do research ...

    Oh and if you compare to my age, yes, there is something strange as I got my Baccalauréat 7 "school years" ago and I'm "only" at the Master level ...
    It's because I used some diverted roads (when I joined University, was too young to live alone and studying, I just went to parties, even the day just before the exams lol, I still remember my headache, and a bad choice of formation last year making me lose one year again).
  3. mzk57
    06-04-2010 04:16
    Hmm interesting..... I am not familiar with that kind of Educational system. In Pakistan it different:

    - School Education - (10 to 12 years) Its called as Matric or Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

    Then its College turn for two years, know as Intermediate or Highers Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)

    - Then to University. 4 years study and you will be a graduate, but in simple Arts subjects, you need to study 2 years and then you will be a graduate & if you further study 2 years, then it will be your Masters (16 years total). But this old trend of 16 years=Masters is now decreasing and slowly vanishing. Now in most of the fields you need to study 4 years to become a graduate (16 years). If you continue to study for further 2 years, that will be your Masters (18 years of formal education), simply referred as MS and after that PhD if you wnat

    I have completed my graduation (16 years) in "Agricultural Chemistry" and now taking my MS classes, although I am not really interested in it. I have some other plans, just waiting for the rite time and oppertunity.

    I think accordig to the Pak Edu Sustem, you are dong your Masters in Economics
  4. GeoTav
    05-04-2010 15:37
    Hey, I don't know what you call MS, in France and more generally in many EU countries, studies use the LMD system: Licence, Master, Doctor. In France, you need the Baccalauréat to go to the University, and it's generally used to know your level: Licence is Bac+1, Bac+2 and Bac+3 (you're graduated only after the 3rd year, not before), Master is Bac+4 and Bac+5 (you can stop after the first year of Master and leave "graduated", but the best is to end it, just one more last year isn't difficult ... and you're officially graduated, and more importantly, you get better jobs + better salaries), and then, the Doctor level is from Bac+6 to Bac+8, it's 3 years of research.

    Nowadays, I'm in the last weeks of the first year of my Master (so Bac+4). I don't know how to translate it, so I can give you the main courses of my Master: public economics, industrial economics and econometrics. There are other courses like economics about transports, environment, ... but they aren't the most important ones.

    And you ?
  5. mzk57
    04-04-2010 06:35
    Hello GeoTav, what do study and at what level? MS?
  6. mzk57
    13-02-2010 12:11
    As they say, Lady Luck before the massive match against Man Utd

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