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Group Created by Jasper is down so we are here

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  1. Jasper
    22-07-2010 04:50
  2. MassterMark
    22-07-2010 00:53
    hi again. is there a problem with our forum???
  3. Jasper
    14-09-2009 05:33
    No problem mate
  4. MassterMark
    13-09-2009 14:53
    **** you jasper and thx for ban
  5. Az.
    17-08-2009 12:55
    Tanks for that Cristina ,and don`t worry Jasper il be back)
  6. Cristina
    17-08-2009 11:34
    For anyone who can't access the page, here is a message from David:

    It might take a while for some members to see the forum because we've changed hosts. If there's something else, Az should let me know at bdavid[at]
  7. Jasper
    17-08-2009 08:08
    As said - Poli, Manu, Villa fans were sort of held hostage to the forums. We had to chop you guys. You did a good thing and we are grateful.
  8. United fan
    17-08-2009 07:36
    United fan
    FAO mods.

    Tell David to get some of these emotions or whatever they're called. Some pretty good ones on here.
  9. United fan
    17-08-2009 07:35
    United fan
    Not working for me.
  10. Riccardo V
    17-08-2009 05:14
    Riccardo V
    The link proivided by Jasper works for me. I've had to reregister as I registered after February. All seems good though!

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