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Debs 21-04-2004 13:13

Check your siggies please...
Signatures! We all love them! We all have them! But did you know signatures can get annoying?? Rezag and I have noticed a few and the mods have all noticed a few that are JUST TOO BIG! All you see is signature because itís so big and overwhelming.

We know thatís an area where people express themselves, maybe express an interest away from football/calico/soccer but some complaints have been popping up. Could we please ask you all to take a look at your siggie and downsize it. Huge font? Reduce it. 20, 30, 40 lines? Can you cut them?? Please? If you have any doubt about your siggie, please PM me, Rezag or any of the mods and ask us to take a look.

It just makes faster reading of the forums if you can actually spot the postsÖ..

Thank you, dear milanisti!

KhRiS 30-03-2005 18:29

amen to that.

balladlover 24-06-2006 22:46

understood man

Kev Ryan 28-06-2006 10:39


*Personal Edit: Didn't work, Oh well. I'll have to try a different one*

Kev Ryan 29-06-2006 04:42


midori 11-08-2006 22:20

How long have signatures been disabled? I just noticed....

Jim_UK 12-08-2006 04:58

about 3, maybe 4 weeks i think ... members abused them, so the sigs had to go.

midori 12-08-2006 07:39

Oh dear it's been weeks?! And I just now noticed, sigh.

Inferno 09-08-2007 02:52


:D :D

post #1, 2004
post #2 2005
ect... ;)

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