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guestes 13-01-2010 22:23

Hey, if anyone wants to connect on FB, please post your name here.....

Reza 14-01-2010 09:19

Will add you :)

Also look at

mzk57 14-01-2010 10:13

Although I am not among the most active FB users, but here you go: Ziad Khan

almilan 15-01-2010 16:35

If your adding send message saying from here

Reza 13-03-2010 20:56

We have a set up a MM Facebook group, consider joining in :)

GeoTav 14-03-2010 17:43

I'm in ...

Jay Crisp 04-05-2010 13:28

Just joined added a few of you guy's aswell well those who the real names matched up to their user name.

shegs 04-05-2010 17:31

edited by request

Jay Crisp 05-05-2010 14:20

Added you Shegs , John Meehan is what you'll see.

shegs 05-05-2010 15:54

i've confirmed you.

nefremo 07-05-2010 19:53

I have just joined too.

Name is Nikolce Efremoski.......which explains why nefremo is the nickname at Milanmania.

Nalx 13-05-2010 23:21

I'm the "Cracked Polystyrene Man" there fellas :)

coronaerabrahim 05-06-2010 23:03

Hi guys , my name is Anudeep Kanwar in facebook i have Indian flag Pic, please add me all Regards

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