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capod2t 08-02-2011 10:25

I am new here and glad to have found this forum - I love talking Red&Black!

I didn't see a thread on Genaro and wanted to comment on him and hopefully get some of your input as well.

First, let me say that NO ONE in the league dedicates his body more that the Pit Bull. Defensively he is a gem, however I do have some issues with him.

He defends like no one else, especially when he is dispossessed or makes a bad pass - he goes after La Palla like an animal. And he is not afraid to get dirty or physical - maybe toooooooo physical at times. Let's face it - he's a hot head and a yellow card liability all too frequently IMHO. But if I had a team, I would want him in the DM position.

What I don't understand is why he has been in a more forward position this year. What is Allegre thinking? He can't dribble. He can't shoot. He can't control the mid. He can barely pass and his crosses? You never know where they're going.

So maybe somebody here could enlighten me as to why he has been up front more, rather than holding the rear mid where he is best utilized.


Elmago99 08-02-2011 20:53

I agree about Gattuso giving his heart and soul. He's a great player and will go down as a legend for Milan & Italy. He's one of my favorite players and always has been. I'll never forget against Manchester United in 2007 @ San Siro when he came off the field screaming like a crazy person and grabbed Carletto's head and screamed..he was looking up at the crowd like a Gladiator...I'll never forget that.

Anyways, he's slowly losing his ability as he gets older. The answer to your question as to why he doesn't play in the CDM role is that he can't distribute the ball well enough. This is also why Juventus have criticized Felipe Melo in that role as he has admitted he doesn't pass well but you must in that position.

Gattuso is best on the outside as he liked to defend or help defend a team's best wide player. He shutdown Cristiano Ronaldo in 2007 Champions League Semifinal. Also, he always has a lot of stamina, therefore he was always left in a free role to roam and run around and close down the opposition in various locations on the field. A natural CDM is generally tactically sound, and stays in the "Stopper" role right in front of the CB's.

EDIT: Welcome to MilanMania!!

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