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hitmannq8 08-12-2010 18:44

AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur: First Leg, Feb 15, 2011
I'll write out the options in more detail later, but here's a summary for the unseeded teams.

Milan can face: Barcelona, Man U, Chelsea, Tottenham, Schalke, Bayern, Shakhtar
4/7 favourable draws

Inter can face the same, minus Tottenham add Real Madrid.
2/7 favourable draws

Roma can face same teams as us, minus Bayern plus Real
3/7 favourable draws

Arsenal are second seed, and can only face: Barca, Bayern, Real, Schalke...Arsenal have always had the easiest draws and I bet out of these 4 they will get Schalke.
1/4 favourable draw

Valencia can face Bayern, Chelsea, Tottenham, Schalke, Shakhtar
3/5 favourable draws

Fc Copenhagen can only hope to play Shakhtar or Schalke
2/7 favourable draws

Lyon can only hope for Shakhtar
1/7 favourable draw

Marseille can hope for Shakhtar or Schalke
2/7 favourable draws

mihan 08-12-2010 19:33

No brainer. Mr. Platini will always throw Italians to the English. MU, Chelsea and Tottenham. MU we have faced too many times, I'd say Chelsea 70% and Tottenham 30%. Carletto will return to San Siro.

Elmago99 08-12-2010 21:09

isn't this supposed to be random??? :ilol:

i know it probably is fixed, like most things in life...

id want to face schalke, shakhtar, or chelsea as they're not in form...

Forza :dcool:

Xudong 08-12-2010 21:32

We will have Chelsea or Man United, and UEFA will change its rule so that Barcelona can play FC Copenhagen again. ;)

Arildonardo 09-12-2010 01:14

Based on our performances in Europe this season no opponents will be easy. But I hope to avoid Barcelona of course, they would smash us to pieces on their current form.

Nalx 09-12-2010 01:51

Agreed with Elmago. I thought it's supposed to be a random draw, held in front of representatives from all clubs involved.

About our next opponent, well, we met Kaka in group phase last season and his team this year so why not have another reunion with Carletto or Hunter? Many things can change between now and mid February but neither team is pretty impressive in their respective domestic league.

Any team will hate to meet Barca, that goes without saying. While on the other hand Copenhagen will be our match made in heaven but it's too good to be true. Other team that I'd prefer is Munchen. They are awful in defense, and we have good records against them.

Reza 09-12-2010 08:45

Form can change until February, ours too, Barca's too.

Tottenham might be the easiest, because they are further into uncharted territory for them.

kastriot 09-12-2010 09:08


Originally Posted by Reza (Post 587821)
Form can change until February, ours too, Barca's too.

Tottenham might be the easiest, because they are further into uncharted territory for them.

nothing is easy now that Tiago is out for a longer period.

mzk57 09-12-2010 09:22

Manchester United. No two ways about it. I don't know about you guys, but I can't live with this 7-2 defeat to the hands of Man Utd [Thanks to Leonardo]. Time to really get the revenge.

If not Man Utd, the Barcelona. Just face it, if any team can beat them, Its AC Milan in the slow & Italian way. Plus AC Milan shouldn't be scared of Barce, it should be the other way around :r11:

Third choice would be Tottenhem. I just hope AC Milan avoids Schalke & Bayern Munich :devs:

mihan 09-12-2010 23:46

It's unfamiliar territory to Tottenham, but Tottenham is unfamiliar territory to Milan. No revenge for now please, revenge can be sweeter when it's a final. I'd favor German teams, they are not Dortmund.

hitmannq8 10-12-2010 00:31

It would be nice to fall with Schalke or Tottenham I reckon.... hope this doesnt come back to bite me

Gabriel489 10-12-2010 01:44

The game is in Feb., a lot can change till then with injuries and forms. If the games will be play next week or so, then Chelsea is probably the best team to play against right now as they are struggling. But lets say Milan is against Barca in Feb, by then Messi, Xavi and Pugol might all be injured.

almacosta 10-12-2010 13:20

I'll be happy if we meet Barca..

Arildonardo 12-12-2010 15:05


Originally Posted by almacosta (Post 587881)
I'll be happy if we meet Barca..

So we can concentrate on winning the Scudetto?

GeoTav 13-12-2010 10:00

Milan - Barcelona (Ibra vs Guardiola)
Inter - Real Madrid (Inter/Benitez vs Mourinho)
Roma vs Manchester U (revenge from some years ago)

Don't know why, but I feel 2/3 of this schedule is going to happen !! :D

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