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Originally Posted by GeoTav View Post
I think we need the come back of players like Pirlo and Nesta who are leaders, but soft leaders, they will support the partner instead of criticizing him ... Ibra is very important for us, our most important player, but I don't want him to become our natural leader. So even Ambrosini is welcome, he has to come back as fast as possible too !!

With the "oldies" back and rotating, Ibra will have to shut up a little and focus on his play and only that ...

It's the way I see that. Our last team was completely new, the player who spent the most time in Milan was Abb who is not a leader, Oddo who is not a leader in Milan (and Ibra was upset because of his crosses), and then Antonini, Thiago and Flamini, none of them is a charismatic leader.

Some people might wonder why Robinho isn't really touched by the critics of Ibra on the pitch ... I think it's because Robinho has more experience, he played in dirty clubs (Real, Man City), and he probably doesn't care, focussing on his own game.

Originally Posted by Filipéz 182 View Post
IMO Ibra should cool down a bit sometimes, Milan is a team and its not only him, though he has been very important for us.
Couldn´t agree more, guys.

I was about to post this subject here but was afraid to sound biased since I was against Ibra purchase. Not because of his talent(undeniable), but because of his abrasive personality.

All this said, I have no doubt that we would not be at the top without Ibra. But he need to stop with this antics and stop to throw up his arms at any play that the ball didn´t arrive at his feet. It´s annoying and disrespectful...

Originally Posted by LebRN View Post
back to football and some good comments on Pato, from Cassano describing him as player with enormous quality who will become a great champion, while Allegri also tries to ease the pressure by saying that he is playing Pato as a 1st striker (if anybody had any doubts) and that this is different for him from last year when he was more of a right forward and that with all his injuries he did not get enough time to adapt back to the "new" role especially with a new teammate (Ibra). So he expects Pato to be like a huge Jan transfer for us (like Pirlo & all the other injured players). Good stuff in support of the Duck.
Great to hear about it, LebRN.

But Pato played all his life(but Leo´s tenure and some of Carlo´s time) as CF and is playing like that at Mano Menezes team. Indeed, I hope Allegri whatch Pato in Brazil NT. He´s playing at the last line, almost in off side and at that position he is being lethal.

Btw, props to Allegri to keep Pato as starter after his last bad game. It helps to rebuild his confidence.

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