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To speak quite bluntly, I think Ganso is a done deal. If and when that happens, He will be our ACM/Trequartista. We will play with 3 dynamic midfielders, possibly one of those being more of a CDM. We'll probably play a classic diamond formation. Then, Allegri will play Ibrahimovic & Pato up front. This will have Robinho coming off the bench as the first striker to come in. Cassano can be a vice-Ganso or 4th striker. He also may want to leave.

This is how I see it playing out. Then, we'll need a Left Back. This must be the priority of the summer, as without us realizing it, the LB position has truly hurt us more than we think. I don't want to make assumptions about Didac Vila, but if he's not starting and Bonera is, something is very very wrong here.

We'll release Seedorf and Jankulovski for sure, and I'd honestly only keep 2 out of 3 (Ambro, Rino, MvB)....then I'd even think about selling Flamini, who's all work and no product. He seems better fit for the EPL. With that money, which could be 15 knowing these current prices in England, we could go and buy Jucilei. Then we can have Ganso, Merkel, Strasser, Pirlo, Jucilei, Emmanuelson, Boateng, and 2 of (Ambro/Rino/MvB). That's good enough for me.
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