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Originally Posted by Nalx View Post
Erm, mate, Alves' contract expires in June 2012. Even if he sees it out, there's no way we can match the salary offered by clubs like City. He earns about € 3,5 million now and he wants to be on par with the likes of Messi and Xavi, which is around € 7,5 millions per annum. There'll be no transfer cost alright but on the other side of the coin, he's likely to ask for a big salary AND quite a long contract seeing that's probably his last chance of getting a lucrative deal. So, let's assume we match the salary he asked and the contract runs for 3 years. That's (7,5 salary + 7,5 tax) x 3 = € 45 million!
Ok so now that everyone has clarified about the tax code, sorry Nalx, this post is wrong. The tax is 50% not 100%. If a player has a salary of €7.5 Million, then the tax would be €3.75 Million. That's bad, but not nearly AS bad.

Anyways, regarding the stadium, I too hope Milan can build their own stadium. 60-70,000 seats capacity, modern technology, and we will pack the stadium! I've heard that Moratti may have wanted to buy his own stadium. It's a very expensive project, and took Juventus years to get done...
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