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Join Date: 10 2003
Location: Memel, Lithuania
Fave Players: Costacurta Giggs & Rui Costa
rae is on a distinguished road
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Reveal yourself

I decided to start this tread by inspiration made by very similar topic in one Juve fan site, and I thought it would be great to try it here in MM. I shall start
Nick names: rae, gerrard.
rae - came from the game ''Colin McRae rally 2.0''. There you can only call yourself by three letters, so ......
gerrard - came from my real name. It is like a translation of ''Algirdas'' into English language.

Names: Algirdas Juozas (in English it is Joe, Joseph etc.)

Surname: Kazlauskas

Birth date and place: 8 April 1985, Vilnius, Lithuania

Body measurements: 180cm, 75kg. Hair - dark dark brown, eye - blue. Favorite coluor - red

Family: younger brother - Emilis(Lazio&Liverpool fan )

Nationality: Lithuanian

Native city: Klaipeda

Occupation: Student, studying politics in ''Universitetas Vytauti Magni'', Kaunas.

Interests: 1. Sports - ''Great three'' : Basketball, Football, Formula 1, also Ice-Hockey, WRC, Track-and-field Athletics, Tennis etc.
2. Music - Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae.

In basketball interested since '92 Olympic Games in Barcelona.
Favorite teams: Kauno ''Zalgiris'', ''Chicago Bulls'', ''Minesota Timberwolves'', Lithuanian National Team.
Favorite players: Allen Iverson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett.
In football interested since '93 CL final.
Favorite teams: ''Manchester United'', AC ''Milan'', FC ''Porto'', Glasgow ''Celtic'', England, Portugal, Brasil.
Favorite players: Ryan Giggs, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Manuel Cesar Rui Costa, Diego Ribas da Cunha.
In formula1 interested since '94 last GP in Adelaide.
Favorite teams: Ferrari, Sauber.
Favorite drivers: Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso.

Favorite groups and artists: The Beatles, Deep Purple, Bob Marley, Aerosmith, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Oasis, Blur, Fugees, Rammstein, Eminem, 50Cent.

Hates: (basketball) Vilniaus ''Lietuvos Rytas'', ''Los Angeles Lakers''.
(football) ''Real Madrid'', ''Juventus'' Torino, ''Arsenal'', ''Chelsea'' both London, ''Internazionale'' Milano, ''Benfica'', ''Sporting'' both Lisboa.
(f1) McLaren, Williams.

(music) Justin Timberlake, Black Eyed Peas, Outlandish, Blue, The Rasmus, Gareth Gates, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Busted, Daniel Bedingfield, JaRule and many many many more...

Hobbies: Karate Shotokan (Kyu 3, since '94 spring, current)

Favorite cars: Volvo S60, S80, Ford Focus, Citroen C5.

Favorite women: Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Ana Alvarez, Monica Belucci, Paulina Rubio, Patricia Manterola, Patricia Velasquez, Shakira, Sophia Vergara, Beyonce Knowles, Natalia Betancurt and other Latinas

It is almost every thing I wanted to say
Now it's ur turn
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Paddy De Nagan
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Join Date: 10 2001
Location: Dublin,Ireland
Fave Players: Albertini, Gatusso, Maldini, Ambrosini, KPB, Cassa
Paddy De Nagan is on a distinguished road
Nick-names: Paddy De Nagan [ because I used to drink nagans of vodka. Paddy is short name for Patrick]
Kuka [ don'know why]

Name: Patrick Joseph Sebastian Mahon

Birth day and place: 27/04/1984 in Waterford, Ireland

Body measurements: 5ft 7" , 10st, Dark brown short hair, Blue/Grey eyes, favourite colour : green

Family: 2 brothers [Liverpool & Everton supporters] & 3 sisters all older.

Occupation: Student [ Nautical Science] in Cork Institute of Technology, Cork

Sports- football, athletics, cycling, all sports really
Music- U2, Andrea Bochelli, World music [especially Arabic] film soundtrack music, jazz

Interested in football always. Favourite teams: AC Milan, Waterford Utd, Galatasaray, Liverpool & Ireland
Players- Gattuso, Shevchenko, Savicevic, Van Buyten, Kuffour

Been to Barcelona, London, Liverpool, Brussels, Milan, Venice, Verona, Sete and all along west coast of France [ Sables D'Olonne, Le Guilvenec, St. Denis...]
Would love to go:- Alaska, Alberta Canada, Morocco, Istanbul, St. Petersburg.

Long distance running & 1500m.
Favourite runner: Hisham El Guerouj

Favourite- Gladiator, The Deer Hunter, Ronin and loads more!
Favourite actor: Robert De Niro, Russel Crowe, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington

Come on guys. Show us who you are!
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Join Date: 03 1999
Location: Planet Earth
Fave Players: Maldini......
Debs will become famous soon enough
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I'm just part of the woodwork, I've been here so long! This should be interesting tho b/c it's stuff we don't usually talk about or stuff that doesn't come up in presentations!

NAME: Deborah Ann Servey

NICK: Debs--a fellow teacher dubbed me that a long time ago and it's stuck, so I use it almost everywhere.

BIRTH DATE AND PLACE: April 30, 1968 at Andover Air Force base near Springfield Massachusetts. A bit of personal trivia, I was very nearly born in Germany!!

PERSONAL STATS--huh-uh, a lady never tells! I do have light brown hair, hazel eyes, fave color usually black b/c it goes with everything...

FAMILY--no siblings, Mom died in 96, Dad still alive and kicking and has had a GF for about 6 years. He comes from a huge family so I have a ton of aunts and uncles and cousins on his side, not quite as many on mom's side.

OCCUPATION: Educator! High school librarian by training and a computer instructor and assistant network admin by fault that I knew how to run a PC when we installed the network back in 97. (it's a pun I always tell people when they ask)

INTERESTS: Travelling, photography, music, soccer, cooking, cats, collecting "stuff" on my interests, surfing the Web.

I've been in and out of the music scene since 85, have done 2 stints doing fanzines for bands. Spent 5 years NOT having a fave band and then in September 2002 discovered rock en espanol with Mana from Mexico and added La Ley (from Chile) in June. Collecting on these 2 groups keeps me very much occupied! I think the best male vocalist in the whole is Beto of La Ley.

I've been to Milan twice for games and the inside look at Milanello and San Siro, thanks to my buddies Angelo and Antore. Would like to go back this Spring if finances allow. Fave players: Maldini, Rui Cosata, Nesta so it's convenient they're all rossonere!

My travels have taken me all over the Eastern US and Canada and out to Seattle. I've been to Europe 5 times--Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria...England if you count the short layovers at Gatwick!

My dream was to become a concert photographer and it sort of came true. If anyone knows of prog-rcok group Yes, I've been friends with guitarist Trevor Rabin since 84 (he was with them from 83-93). When he did a solo tour in 89 he told me to shot as many rolls of film as I wanted at the 2 shows I went to. Sort of in return or as a gesture of friendship, I gave him a photo album with all my pictures which to this day he still keeps in his home studio. A year and a half ago his manager, whom we'd met on the solo tour, called to say Trevor was FINALLY putting out a live CD from the tour and he was recommending that the record label use some of my photos for the artwork. 2 of my photos now grace the cover a a CD called Trevor Rabin Live in LA!!! What was happening didn't hit me until I actually got a couple fo the CDs from his manager and saw the finished proiduct.

FAVE FILMS: I always draw a blank....Circle of Friends, Ever After, The Italian Job, the Highlander films (I'm a Christophe LAmbert fan), the LOTR films, Shrek, Ice Age, the Alien movies, Star Trek Generations....

DISLIKES: the music industry in the US telling me who's "talented", reality shows, network TV, Juve, Inter and ManU, the radio stations in my hometown b/c of the crap they play, dealing with snow and ice when I have to drive.

ODDEST LIKE: I love to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!!!!
...not your normal paranormal....
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Join Date: 04 2002
Location: Lahore, Pakistan.
Haroon is on a distinguished road
Full Name: Haroon Malik

Surname: MALIK

Birthdate and place: 10 May 1976, Lahore, Pakistan.

Body measurements: 6ft, Not sure about the weight but it is under control for now

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel Brown

Favorite colour: Black

Family: younger brother - watches football but not a fanatical fan of any side as such.

Nationality: Pakistani

Native city: Lahore

Occupation: Student - Studying in ''The University of Warwick'', Coventry - England (MSc in E-Business Management)


1. Sports

a) Football (play it as well)
b) Formula 1 (watch it only)
c) Cricket (play it as well)
d) Table tennis (play it but don't watch it)
e) Ice Hockey (watch it only)

First football experience was Mexico '86 but NOT LIVE. Had to go off to bed early in those days so recordings of games the next day. Maradona was the talk of town and the world. Got to know Enzo Schifo, Michel Platini and Gary Lineker.

The real LIVE football experience came in Euro '88. Saw Marco Van Basten the deal was sealed! Followed him to Milan and no turning back since that summer!

Used to support Brasil right till USA '94. Careca was one of the reasons for that. Italia used to be number 2. Baggio's performance in the latter stages of that cup made my heart beat faster and Italy notched Brasil to number 1 AFTER that cup. Italia is numero uno since then with Argentina taking second spot and Germany taking third.

Followed Michael Schumacher since 1993. That flashy Joran with a strange nose cone in those days caught me and the first race I saw was the Monaco Grand Prix if I remember correctly. Schumacher had a decent drive and I really became his fanatical fan when the FIA started to force the issue in 1994 by trying their best to prevent a German win the F-1 World Championship. Ten years on and he is the GREATEST although Ilgenio will disagree with me.

2. Movies

I like all sorts of movies. Science Fiction usually troubles me as I don't always like them. I spent my initial years on the internet day and night researching home theatre and thereby know quite a bit of that stuff as it is also a hobby of mine. I have set up a high end home theatre in my home which makes the movie experience all the more better.

I collect movies as well. Have a big VHS collection, few Laser Discs and 70 odd DVDs.

Film Directors whose movies I like more often than not:

- John McTiernan
- Martin Campbell
- Oliver Stone
- Ridley Scott
- Jan De Bont
- Renny Harlin
- Michael Bay

3. Music

a) Heavy Metal
b) Hard Rock / Rock
c) Trance
d) Techno
e) Electronic
f) Gangsta Rap (Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg only)
g) Instrumental
h) Folk
i) Pop
j) Dance
k) Grunge

Favorite teams:

a) AC Milan
b) Scuderia Ferrari
c) Juventus FC (in Europe only)
d) FC Bayern München
e) Colorado Avalanche & Pittsburgh Penguins
f) Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs

1 - Italia
2 - Argentina
3 - Deutschland
4 - Nederland

Last but definitely not the least ... the Pakistan Cricket team.

Favorite players:

a) Michael Schumacher
b) Imran Khan (former World Cup Cricket winning captain 1992)
c) Mario Lemieux
d) Eric Forsberg
e) Brett Hull
f) Sergei Fedorov
g) Patrick Roy

1. Marco Van Basten
2. Diego Armando Maradona
3. Franco Baresi
4. Franz "The Kaiser" Beckenbauer
5. Roberto Baggio
6. Johan "Skinny" Cruyff

Current crop of players:

Alessandro Nesta is my favourite.

Figo, Ballack, Nedved, Del Piero, Totti and Shevchenko.

Favorite groups and artists:

Lots bands and artists I like but just off the top of my head...

a) AC / DC
b) Metallica
c) Bon Jovi
d) Van Halen
e) Pearl Jam
f) Bryan Adams
g) Yanni
h) Madonna
i) Paul Oakenfold
j) Paul Van Dyk
k) Andy Hunter
l) Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg


a) Manchester United FC
b) Arsenal FC
c) Williams Renault
d) Real Madrid CF
e) RC Deportivo La Coruna
f) Internazionale FC

Movies, music and sports!

Favorite cars:

a) Ferrari 575M Maranello
b) Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500
c) BMW 750 iL
d) Hummer (not the new one )
e) Lincoln Towncar
f) GMC Yukon
h) Cherokee
i) Aston Martin Vanquish
j) Lincoln Navigator


ACM 1899

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Join Date: 06 2003
Location: Torino, Italia
Fave Players: Gli Immortali/ Gli Invincibili/ I Meravigliosi
Giovanni has a spectacular aura aboutGiovanni has a spectacular aura aboutGiovanni has a spectacular aura about
Name: Giovanni

Surname: V*******

Birthday and place: 29 May 1982, Torino

Body measurements: 1,75 (90, 60, 90 )

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Family: younger brother ..two older sisters

Occupation: student of Law at Università degli studi di Torino


1) football
2) djing
3) the Tolkien opera omnia
5) art
7) in last but not least....WOMEN

Favourite band:

1)Prodigy (have been at the Torino's concert in the 1997 and been on the italian tv interviewed by Italia relatives saw me with panda eyes and coloured hair across the whole Italy screaming and singing)
2) Daft Punk

Favourite music: as a amatorial dj i play every kind of House, Drum'n'bass,Hardtechno tribe (basically french, italian and chzech underground records) electronica in general

Favourite musical artists:
1) Little Louie Vega
2) Simon
3) Fky (both french djees and producer)

Favourite book: The Lord of The Rings

Favourite movies: The LOTR trilogy

Favourite director: Sergio Leone

Favourite actors: Robert De Niro and Liv Tyler (lovely)

What i like in women: sweetness, long hair, both blondies and dark haired

Favourite woman: Liv Tyler

Trips: Paris, London (lived there for some months), Budapest, Barcelona, Catalunya, Amsterdam, France, Austria for a while

Brief story:
i have been a writer painting with spray both walls and trains somewhere here, always been rossonero, studied Latin and Ancient greek at secondary grammar school, now i wanna become lawyer and i'd like to live abroad
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	giovanni1.jpg
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Size:	83.4 KB
ID:	4472  

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Join Date: 06 2003
Location: new zealand
Fave Players: gattuso,maldini,nesta,stam
NAME : Daniel Paul Fisher

NICKNAMES : Duce ( political views ) , Fish ( last name )

BORN : October 25 1986

NATIONALITY : New Zealander

CITY : Rotorua

BODY : 186 cm , 88 kg

HAIR : Brown

EYES : Brown

FAMILY : Two younger sisters

OCCUPATION : Student at Rotorua Boys' High School


1) Formula one
2) Girls ( yes the late enzo puts them in 2nd )
3) Politics
4) Football
5) Drinking , drugs and what - not
6) Cricket
7) Rugby
8) Music

Favorite band / Artist - Sepultura / Eazy E
Favorite Movie - The Omen
Favorite Book - War and Peace ( the battle scenes are amazing)


CHE GUEVARA ( those two together would create a fascinating argument )
ENZO FERRARI ( person i have much respect and admiration for)


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San Siro
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Join Date: 12 1999
Location: La Scala del Calcio
Fave Players: MVB, Zizou, Golden Boy, Cuore di Drago, Tzar, Titi
San Siro is on a distinguished road
Name: Payman.

Age: Going towards my 24th b-day...

Body measurements: 1,78m, As to weight, about 78 Kgs, I'm currently probably 5-7 kilos overweight and make that probably 10 kilos after all the chocolate and turkey and other food that I will be eating during these holidays... Starting from Jan 01, I'll be hitting the gym on a daily basis, religiously so that I can be back to my optimum form and shape very soon... (I've already started going to the gym, but on and off kind of thing... ).

Hair: The Kojak/Galliani hairstyle, that is shaven like an egg!!! And NO, I do NOT have a goatee... But normally, I have black sometimes curly, sometimes straight depending on its mood and my lazyiness...

Eyes: Hazel Brown

Favorite colour: Red and Black and Blue.

Family: I've got a huge family with lots and lots and lots of cousins, so you guys better not mess out with me!!!

Nationality: French and officially since last year,
also Canadian. However, I don't feel Canadian at all, don't know why despite being really grateful to this truly amazing, great country that is Canada. Every single ounce, fiber of my body is as French as it gets!

Native city: Pau, south west of France, an hour drive from the Atlantic Ocean and 45 minutes drive from the Pyrénées Mountains and the Spanish border, in the heart of the French Pays Basque (Pais Basque). The absolute best part of France!!!

Occupation: Student - Studying in International business in college. Also, working as an investment analyst/advisor as a part time work. No, I am NOT a broker...


1. Sports

a) Football (I used to play it a LOT like 5-6 hours a day when in France, but ever since I've been in Canada, I haven't been playing it much due to lack of time and ok, i'll be honest,
b) Formula 1 (watch it only)
d) Table tennis
e) Basketball (watch it only when my team, the Raptors are playing!GO RAPTORS GO!!!! )

For me too, first football taste was Mexico 86. The most beautiful game I have ever watched in my life so far, has to be this titanesque 1/4 final clash in Guadalaraja, between France and Brasil. This game had everything that makes football so beautiful. All the most intense, deepest human feelings/emotions that one can think of were condensed within the span of 120+ that this game lasted. From amazment at the incredible
rythm/tempo of the game, to the despair of watching the ref conceed a penalty to Brasil in the 2nd half; this despair was equally matched with an extremely intense joy when Joel Bats stopped incredibly the shot of O Galinho (Zico); to the breathe-taking finale of the match with the ending being as strong as the most intense orgasm one can think of when Luis Fernandez scored the winning goal. Never felt so many intense emotions
in a single game ever. Never. Not even on July 12th, 1998! At the end of the game, I was crying for 2 reasons:1) of joy for France having won the game against the mighty Brasil and 2nd of all, I didnt want this anthem of joy that this game was to end.
This is the kind of game you want to last forever.

At that time, despite all the hype around Maradona and Platini, I
wasn't into any of them. As Haroon nicely put it, "the real deal was sealed during Euro 88 after watching Marco Van Basten". The first and only time of my life so far that I've felt anything like that. That's as close as it gets to "love at first sight" as I've ever felt so far. The greatest of all IMHO.

Then, naturally became a Milanista not long after that has been one damn proud one ever since and will remain one for as long as I shall live!

The early 90's were marked by an ever increasing love/admiration for Il Divino Codino and la Squadra Azzura and Holland's NT. At that time, I couldn't stand France's NT and hated them with all my guts as they were playing a very boring style. In January 94, when France won in Napoli against Italia, I didn't go to school for a whole week as I couldn't take all the banter of all the people laughing at "my" Italia being defeated at home by France. I was truly, madly, deeply in love with Italia at the time.

This love affair lasted another 2 years until Euro 96 where I just had it and was gutted. Gutted because Sacchi left my fav player Baggio out of the squad and because the Italian NT's coaches were too coward to use the fire power/talent at their disposal and were content to just play a safe approach. As I said, I've had it and was gutted.

Then one summer day in 94, I was in vacation with my buddies near Bordeaux and that day in August, France was playing against the Czech in Bordeaux a friendly game. We went to watch the game. France were losing 2-0 until the middle of the 2nd half until the young promising star of French football,
playing at the time for Bordeaux entered in the match. He was 21-22 at the time and what an impact this "kid" had on the game!Incredible! The first ball he touches, he unleashed an unstoppable rocket with his left foot from 25-30 metres in the top right corner of the Czech keeper!!!We were all in awe not believing whether it was in or out. And just before the final whistle, he scored again, with a header to tie the game 2-2!!!And during that 20 minutes he spent on the field, he was the orchestrator, the leader, the soul of the team. Everyone in France knew he was extremely talented but we were all waiting for a confirmation of it at the highest level. After that 20 minutes
and his 2 goals, it was as clear that this "kid" would go onto achieve great things. And he has fully lived up to that expectation. His name? Zinedine Zidane. My beloved Yazhid!!!!

Needless to say I fell in love (like everyone in France ) with his
style and his play and I was truly delighted that he was a Bordeaux player, a team I used to go watch live several times each season.

And after that I've followed him more and couple that with my
increasing dissapointment/disgust with the style/way of playing of la Squadra Azzura, my love increased for France and decreased for Italia to become totally in love with my beloved Les Bleus!

2. Movies

Usually speaking I'm not much into movies for the simple reason that I barely watch TV due to a lack of time. The only things I watch is football (mainly Milan). But I do enjoy from time to time going to the theatres/cinema watching a good movie with my friends or other cousins.

The God Father series are the absolute must and my all time fav!
I generally like action, mafia movies, comedies.

Fav actors:
Al Pacino, the Greatest of all! then De Niro, then also like
Antonio Bandeiras, Russel Crowe, but my fav actor of all time is the late French comedian, Louis de Funès. He's the most funniest person I've ever seen in my life. Just looking at him alonewould make you roll on the floor like it's incredible!

3. Music

a) Brasilian and Latino music.
b) Hard Rock / Rock
c) Techno
d) Dance

Favorite teams:

Milan for me is not just a team for me, they are my religion, my life, my everything!

a) Bordeaux (my hometown team).
b) Arsenal
c) Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
d) Flamengo in Brasil

1 - Les Bleus
Don't like any other NT's. Enjoy watching teams that play attractive and offensive football such as Holland, Spain, sometimes Brasil, but more in nostalgy of the amazing team of the legendary Tele Santana (the most beautiful team I have ever seen!) than for their current style... I also watch Italia with a great interest despite their lack of offensive/attractive style because I still have a soft spot for them which goes back to my love for them a few years ago...Still keeping hope that one day, Italia will play as they should play...

Favorite players:

Outside of football, I don't really have any player/athlete I admire or anything with the only exceptions being the legenday Ayrton Senna, the incredible Admiral David Robinson, my all time fav NBA player, Mats Wilander and Pete Sampras.

Favorite Football Players:

1. Marco Van Basten
2. Zinedine Zidane
3. Franco Baresi
4. Paolo Maldini
5. Roberto Baggio
6. Gianni Rivera

Current crop of players:

If we don't include any of the above, then Titi Henry would top the list followed very closely by Sheva, Sandro Magno, Ringho, Pirlo, Totti, Pires, Thuram, Barthez (in fact the whole Milan and France teams )

Favorite groups and artists:

Lots bands and artists I like but just off the top of my head...

a) Celia Cruz
b) Thalia
c) Guns' N Roses/Bon Jovi
d)Chiclete Com Banana/Asa de Aguia
e) Los Adolescentes
e) Eros Ramazzotti
f) Gypsy Kings
h) La Makina
i) Carlos Vives
j) Cristian Castro
k) Mana
l) Zeca Pagodinho
k) MC Solaar and I Am (French Hip-Hop).


a) Juventus.
b) Bayern.
c) Germany.

Music, reading, tennis, table tennis, scuba diving, skiing and sports.

Favorite cars:

a) 911 Carrera (truly in love with that Baby!!! ).
b) Ferrari any of them...
The rest are just good cars but nothing to stimulate my imagination or constitue a "fantasy" so to speak...

That's in a nutshell about me.
"En su vida, un hombre puede cambiar de mujer, sus opiniones politicas o su religion pero no su equipo de futbol." (In his life, a man can change wife, his political opinions or his religion but not his football team.) Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayen poet.


"In un momento storico così complesso, dove il più grande rapper del mondo è bianco e il più grande giocatore di golf è un nero, una sola certezza ci è rimasta, ed è che l'Inter non vince mai niente". :thumbsup: The legendary Diego Abatantuono.


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I might as well tell ppl about myself coz I havent been here for that long so nobody really knows me

name: Anita Maria Ravali

nickname(s): nita, short stuff

date and place of birth: 28 dec 1985 in Bari

personal stats: dark brown eyes, tanned skin, brown hair, 5ft2

family: mum and dad divorced, mum remarried 4 bros 2 stepbros (all support milan apart from step bro alessandro who supports lazio) live outside milan with my uncle so I dont need to pay rent and its closer to my uni coz my mum lives in piacenza now

occupation: studying advertising and graphic design at uni, earn wages my working in clothing shop on saturday mornings

interests: spending time with friends, clubbing,travelling, playing sport (mostly football) going to watch milan play every weekend with my oldest stepbrother

fav music/artists: beatles, bon jovi,elvis,enrique,nek,elisa,wacko jackos music not him coz he freaks me out, hiphop r n b

fav films: LOTR (all), godfather, untouchables, pirates of the C, its a wonderful life, plus many more coz its hard to choose

dislikes: JUVE,INTER, ROMA,MANU,LIVERPOOL,REAL,ARSENAL,FRANCE, beckham mania (ok so they think hes good no need to brag) win milan dont win

and being annoyed by my brothers co zonly 2 are younger than me so the older ones pick on me sometimes (but I love them really)

likes:watching milan win, seeing all the teams I hate loose unless them winning would benfit milan, eating icecream and chocolate, also likes Italia team, spain, valencia, chelsea

ok maybe I'm the most interesting person on the planet
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Join Date: 03 2002
Fave Players: Batistuta, Ortega, Maldini, Irwin, Maradonna, Garr
Milan4eva is an unknown quantity at this point
Name: Gabriel Low

Age: 23th Dec 198?, Surprisingly, that's today.

Birthplace: Singapore


Occupation: Student

Measurements: 172cm, 60kg..........and 13 inch(just kiddin')

Nickname: G, Gab,

CCA: Soccer
Sports: Soccer, without a doubt.
Favourite Team: Do I even need to start
Liked teams:Milan, Man U, Valencia
Disliked Teams: Arsenal, Inter, Liverpool, Real(used to support them)
Favourite Players:

Curent Crop of Players: Sheva, Rui, Gattuso, Nesta

Young Players: VDV and Ronaldinho, huge fans of both.

Other Sports:

Ice Hockey: Vancouver Canucks(My cousins live there and I've been there, great hockey culture)

Basketball: Don't really follow, but know enough. LA Lakers.
Favourite Players: Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Magic Johnson Shaq, T-Mac and Kobe

Rugby: The World Cup has got me started. Fav team are the New Zealand All Blacks. Favourite Player: Mils Muliaina, No. 15 if I'm not wrong.

Music: The one and only, the legend, the prophet Tupac Shakur. My idol as well.
Favourite Songs from Pac:
1.) Unconditional Love
2.)Hit Em' Up
3.)Troublesome 96, Changes and Dear Mama(I don't know, it's really hard to choose, he has so many great songs. His fans will understand what I'm saying.
Favourie Songs(normal):
1.)Unforgivable Sinner-Lene Marlin
3.)Eternal Flame-The Bangles
Also like most Westsidaz in rap. Dr Dre, Snoop, the whole of NWA and 213.

Favourite Movies: The Matrix, Blue Streak, Ali G In Da House, Van Wilder

Favourite Food: Nothing in particular, Singapore is the food paradise.

Favourite Book(s): Harry Potter. Used to like Goosebumps when I was young but sorta outgrew it. Can't be bothered to read LOTR.

I guess that's all about me.
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Join Date: 03 2001
Location: M-O-N-T-R-E-A-L
Fave Players: The Ministry of Defence: Paolo, Billy, Sandro
Billy_Montreal is on a distinguished road
Nickname: Billy
(I have been adorned with this nickname since my teens for various reasons. Namely, my admiration for Costacurta; my style of play on the pitch and the various 7 (Yes seven) Costacurta jerseys I own.

Nationality: Dual citizenship: Italy and Canada. Parents immigrated from Italy and I was born and raised in Canada. (with the exception of a few years spent abroad in University). In addition to English and Italian I also speak French living in Montreal.

Age: "Late" 20's.

Occupation: Lawyer/Attorney.

Passion for Milan: My Dad is a renound AC Milan fanatic having followed the team since the early 60's up until today (CL Finals, three intercont. cups and 3-4 League matches): before I watched Sesame Street I watched Milan playing. Before learning to say my name I learned how to say "Forza Milan" and before having a toy I already had a Milan jersey. How 'Milan crazy' was my Father: My middle name is Gianni. Yes, after the Milan player.

Interests: All things Italy from travelling to cuisine. I also play soccer twice a week in a league. Movies are also a passion...when I have the time.

Height: 5'9.5...160-165-170 pounds...Anywhere in that area. black hair (short).

Have I missed anything??
"Certi sogni non finiscono mai."
Alessandro Costacurta, Rossonero per Sempre.
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Join Date: 09 1999
Location: Twin Peaks, SF, CA, USA
Fave Players: the Under-12s
RIO is on a distinguished road
Nickname: RIO (although I don't really have a nickname, but have always wanted one), for the birthpalce of the jogo bonito and the song that was my favorite in 1984

Name: Heather. My middle name is the same that every second Catholic girl has and my last name means "brush" in German.

Birthplace: the Western Addition of San Francisco, CA USA

Birthdate: Sept. 19 way back in 1970, which makes me old. However I still get "carded" at bars and the supermarket, so I must look young.

Nationality: American but have (takes deep breath) Italian, Welsh, Mexican, American Indian, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Scottish and Jewish roots.

Occupation: Store manager, but will be going back to Law School in 2004 (god willing and inheritances).

Measurements: 38"-29"-36" just kidding 5'6" and 155 lbs give or take

Hair: lt brown but thanks to chemicals it is currently Revlon Rouge Romantique number 223

Eyes: Green

Favorite Sport: Soccer and Baseball (I don't find either boring at all)

Favorite team: Guess...

Favorite player, current: Rino

Favorite player, historical: Frank Rijkaard

Favorite Music: the indie rock of my college years (the Smiths, the Cure, the Buzzcocks, Pavement)

Favorite Movie(s): Citizen Kane and Spinal Tap

Favorite Tv Show: The Simpsons

Favorite Actor/Actress: Alain Delon/Jennifer Jason Leigh

Hobbies: collect old 1950s pulp paperback books and foreign coins

Hates: the usual stuff and Inter

School: Have a BA in US and African History from SF State University (go Gators!), was halfway to a JD and will finish that up soon (hopefully)

Intersting fact: can curse in 17 languages including Russian and Swahili
All the cutest puppies support AC Milan.
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Location: Virginia, USA
Fave Players: RINO! RINO! RINO! GO RINO!
Originally posted by RIO
Nickname: RIO (although I don't really have a nickname, but have always wanted one), for the birthpalce of the jogo bonito and the song that was my favorite in 1984

Name: Heather. My middle name is the same that every second Catholic girl has and my last name means "brush" in German.

Birthplace: the Western Addition of San Francisco, CA USA

Birthdate: Sept. 19 way back in 1970, which makes me old. However I still get "carded" at bars and the supermarket, so I must look young.

Nationality: American but have (takes deep breath) Italian, Welsh, Mexican, American Indian, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Scottish and Jewish roots.

Occupation: Store manager, but will be going back to Law School in 2004 (god willing and inheritances).

Measurements: 38"-29"-36" just kidding 5'6" and 155 lbs give or take

Hair: lt brown but thanks to chemicals it is currently Revlon Rouge Romantique number 223

Eyes: Green

Favorite Sport: Soccer and Baseball (I don't find either boring at all)

Favorite team: Guess...

Favorite player, current: Rino

Favorite player, historical: Frank Rijkaard

Favorite Music: the indie rock of my college years (the Smiths, the Cure, the Buzzcocks, Pavement)

Favorite Movie(s): Citizen Kane and Spinal Tap

Favorite Tv Show: The Simpsons

Favorite Actor/Actress: Alain Delon/Jennifer Jason Leigh

Hobbies: collect old 1950s pulp paperback books and foreign coins

Hates: the usual stuff and Inter

School: Have a BA in US and African History from SF State University (go Gators!), was halfway to a JD and will finish that up soon (hopefully)

Intersting fact: can curse in 17 languages including Russian and Swahili
All that(!) and still no pic of u flashing all your 'goods' for us.... If I read it rite, the topic sayz "REVEAL yourself" U haven't done that yet We're still waiting though....
"If I'm gonna blaze, I'ma blaze it all night
If I'm lookin for somethin it's probably a fight
If I'm gonna f*ck bitches then they better be tight
Only when Inter's relegated, will my head be alright."

Rossonero 4 Life!
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acmilan89 has disabled reputation
Name Given To Me: Kelvin Egay

Names I've Been Called: Bin (most common for those who can't pronounce the "v"), Kel (for those who are too lazy to call my full name), Egay (for those who likes to pronounce the "gay" part)

I Was Told I Was Born In: Sarawak, land of the hornbills (whose population is declining)

Day I Was Born As Told By Parents: 29 July 1972

Thing I Do To Earn A Living: Being an anthropologist and teaching it.

Height: Few years back it was 178cm. I don't think I've grown taller since then.

Weight: Between 75kg-78kg

Hair: Black, short, straight, uncombed

Eyes: Dark brown

Sports That I Like To Watch and Play: Football (then rugby league, one-day cricket - go Windies!, tennis, the triathlon thingy, mountain biking)

If There Is A Team I Like: Not too sure but I think it's Milan

Current Favorite Player: None although Zinedine Zidane's skills do come close to reflect the term "favourite player"

All-time Favorite Player: Frank Rijkaard for his stable versatility

Whom I Think Is The All-Time Best Player: Diego Maradona

Players Whom I Have Great Respect As A Person: George Weah, Zvonimir Boban

I Like Listening To: Reggae but other music apart from "too much electronic" would be pleasant to my ears

Movies That Has A Strong Impression On Me: Once Were Warriors, Shawshank Redemption

What I Like To Do In My Spare Time Is To: Read, write, jungle trekking, camping, football, mountain biking, drinking at my usual pub

Authors That Capture My Imagination: Herman Hesse for his human profound darkness; Milan Kundera for his tragically amusing love, political descriptions; postcolonial writers such as Hanif Kureishi, Jhumpa Lahiri, Salman Rushdie, Anita Desai, Ngugi Thio'go who provide voices for the subaltern fictional characters; classics like Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Joseph Conrad, et. al. for reminding me that I started reading because of them; the late Edward Said, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Gayatari Spivak for giving me the critical lense to look at "knowledge" (something that has always intrigued me)...

Hates: If I do know how to hate then it definitely must be Inter
Omnes et singulatim
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Join Date: 06 2003
Location: BRESCIA, Italia
Fave Players: Sandro Nesta
Sandra will become famous soon enoughSandra will become famous soon enough
Official name: Sandra
Alias: Sandra Bullock
Nicknames: Sandrina (because of italians), Sandy (because of the movie) and San (because of people who want to write rapidly) Not very inventive eh
Born: In Reykjavik, Iceland, 22. october 1986
I live currently in Reykjavik, Iceland, but i will be living abroad for a whole year from next beware, i might end up in your hometown
Look like: Myself mostly, blonde, blue eyes, 1.72 m tall.
Favourite food: Has to be italian food. la brusketta, pasta, la nutella , and the parmigiano, which is something you could die for. And pizza and beer no i'm kiddin, skip the beer there will you.

Music: I believe i'd have to like at least 5 songs with that certain artist. So i have to say Luciano Ligabue, because that man has manages to fill my playlist, if that's ever possible. Then Pink Floyd, Eagles, maybe a little bit of AC/DC (okai i'm a bit old-fashioned), Destiny's Child, Enrique Iglesias(don't tell anyone!!) and Tiziano Ferro(shut your mouth here as well!!) Andrea Bocelli, Articolo 31.

Interests: Languages, travelling, sports, clothes.

Work: I'm a student but i work in a sportsstore on the weekends.

Favourite cafe: I go almost always after school to Cafe Cultura, and have hot chocholate, plus there's an italian working there and he is soooo hot

Favourite sport: Football (eh obvious) I playes myself for 6 years but i've quit now. Still i watch it and cheer for my team.

Worries: That i've written too much and people have stopped reading already

Team: Has to be Milan.

The ones i hate: Zidane, Beckham, Johnny Depp.

The ones i love(like):My family and friends, Alessandro Nesta, Sean connery, Bruce Willis, Luciano Ligabue, the man in the Adidas store whos number i gotta get soon.

What i wanna do with life: Live in Italy with a degree in law, architecture or psychology.

That's pretty much it, love you all
Non venite ad insegnarmi
come dovrei vivere la mia vita.... ho bisogno
ve lo faccio sapere

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Join Date: 01 2001
Location: forever in limbo.....i love limbo.
Fave Players: Luther Blissett
PaoloOz is an unknown quantity at this point


Nickname:at school,CHOCO,why?who knows.


D.O.B:4th July 1968.




Hair:Brown/Black,it's really dark.


Loves:everything except brussel sprouts and peas especially when they go off green also dislike bakedbeans,canned spag with sausages,fairy bread,beer burps with a lingering hint of stale dead hotdogs with cheese/onion and anything they can fit into the bun and tommy sauce,beer farts,they just are as putrid as a lasting vomit stain,people,and the current hysteria and stereyo typing religions and cultures.

Fav passtime:watching people,it's always facinating.

What '04 will bring me:hard work,travel,love and compassion,a bit of health will do aswell.

My weakness:i'm a romantic and icecream/gelato what ever you want to call it,i devour it.

What i love in women:you might think the obvious but really it has to be eyes and a smile,it will melt me,and ofcourse the obvious.

Travels:heaps of places,but my Fav is Buenos Aires, Northern Italy and Corsica.

Family:Mum,2 elder bros(married)am an uncle 4 times over and Dad passed away 18 yrs ago,i miss him to bits.Mum and dad emmigrated here in this wounderful country in 1958,Mum was from Varese in Nth Italy and Dad was from Bastia in Corsica,he and is family which consisted of Mum and two younger sisters had to leave during the war years and ended up in Nthern Italy too,where one day my mum met my dad and etc,etc............

Sport:Milan is it,coz Dad was an Interista so the choice was logical plus my bros wouldn't want it any other way,atleast they were good for something not just beating me up.In this town it's Australian rules Football,i won't bore you with the details but i follow Carlton coz thats where i was born and thats where i live.Cricket maybe,only if the oppostion is good such as the current Indian team,their fantastic.

Fav players:Luther Blisitt,it was either him or Joe Jordan,they were stars without recognition at Milan,boohoo to you all.

Work:Chef by trade,love the cooking but now only do it at home,no more working for scum restauranteurs F***them.Now though a cabbie and loving it,been doing it for the last 11 yrs.The freedom is just out of this world,it's an adventure.

My Objectives:are pretty simple,knock down my house and re-build now that all the permits are in and travel this planet baby.

Sorry i can't highlight the different topics,i'm not that smart yet.Hope i didn't make you fall asleep coz i would reading this stuff.

Sorry,sorry,sorry forgot Music:Midnight oil is it and opera,i love 'em both especially as the night becomes day say round 4.15am to 5.45 am,it really is life giving.
........ Planet Milan ........

.....i am happy....

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