Summer Mercato 2020 ratings
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
I go with 7.5

We got rid of RR, Paqueta, Reina. All high wages off our books even if we didn't get good prices. We just got rid of Halilovic and Laxalt hopefully will never come back.

We brought in Tonali. Yes he has made mistakes but you can tell he is going to be really good. It's about time we got a good young Italian since we brought a few busts (Saponara, Mastour) only Romagnoli has turned out good.

Hague: only seen a cameo with us but already witnessed an intelligent player who knows where to go and when to move. You can't teach that. We saw it against us as well.

Diaz : seems promising and like Dalot I hear we can open negotiation the coming weeks.

Tatarusanu: Low cost backup who was decent at Fiorentina.

Dalot : TBA but is young and could prosper at lb.

Kalulu : no risk purchase. He seems to have talent but very raw.

Duarte : we couldn't even loan him? He looked awful against Serie C club's...then gave Ibra Covid!

Obviously unable to move injured Conti + Musacchio. Parma asked about a loan of Conti on deadline day, not sure what happened.

No vice Ibra: this is very hard but I thought we could go for Scamacca or Pellegri. Mandzukic would be a good option but he is also a temporary solution.

No vice Kessie : maybe Krunic fills in?

No RW : heavy links to Chiesa was futile. I would of liked Thauvian. Sael is ok , maybe Hague/Rebic/Diaz or even Conti help fill that space.

No CB : apparently we are already negotiating Kabak for January. But it's comical we got 0/10 rumoured target's.
need an upgrade for RW but would need to sell Samu first.
Need someone better for CM than Krunic.
Need a vice Zlatan. Colombo isn't ready yet and not sure Leao is comfortable enough playing a lone striker.
Need somene for CB and to sell Musacchio and Duarte.
Not sure Dalot is a good enough backup for Theo.
Happy enough with what we have at RB considering Calabria's crazy form.

For next few months(before next mercato) I'd love to see sort out the Gigio contract once and for all and sign Diaz permanently.
We'll see if we can snatch up a bargain in Jan for CB/CM and sell off some more dead wood. Ajer might be an option if Celtic don't progress in EL. No Europe, 1.5 years left on his contract. wants to leave. Might be able to get him for the price we want.
COuld do a deal. Send them Musacchio + some $$ for Ajer.