Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
I just thought we should create a thread for injuries ... Since we are a club with an injury crisis each season (actually, we can't call that a "crisis" anymore Big Grin), maybe we should have a thread to follow the injured players ?!

Maxi Lopez - should be back for Parma
Pato - could be back for Parma
Seedorf - should be back for Parma
Nesta - could be back for Parma
Boateng - should be back for Juventus (midweek game) or Roma
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
Pato - should be back to infirmary after 25 minutes Grinundwech

Jokes aside, I don't know where to find such info but if you or anybody else does, it will be welcomed Okmilan
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I think Gazzetta tends to report it regularly? This is going to be an active thread if kept up to date lol.
From the only place I know, Gazzetta

Pato (incerto 29ª), Boateng (incerto 29ª), Merkel (incerto 30ª), Strasser (incerto 29ª), Cassano (da valutare), Nesta (da valutare)

Lopez and Seedorf ready according to Gazzetta
Great thread, I was looking for a single place with this info for a while now.
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What about Merkel?
Geo id love to see Milan lab redone. And id love Dubai winter break torather become a summer break
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That's a great thread. Thanks, Geo.
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Robinho injured!!
(03-14-2012, 07:14 PM)Beppe Wrote: Robinho injured!!

Sprained ankle, he had to leave the training ground limping. The situation is still to be evaluated but it shouldn't be too serious.